Tantric Breathwork Journey with Edward & Prema | Sa. 27.10.- 28.10. 9:30-19:30 Uhr

Tantric Breathwork Journey with Edward & Prema | Sa. 27.10.- 28.10. 9:30-19:30 Uhr

We invite you to embark on a 2day life changing Tantric Breathwork Journey, in which we will explore our full sexual potential.

Allow yourself to be guided into various practical exercises, energy awakening and learn how to supercharge and transform your sexual energy into ecstatic experiences through the powerful technique of Rebirthing Breathwork.

This transformational event will offer you:
ॐ Alignment of Heart, Sex and Spirit
• Open to intimacy with Self and others, and deepen your capacity to truly Love
ॐ Reprogramming negative sexual beliefs
• Gain clarity and transform beliefs which hold you back from experiencing your full sexual potential
ॐ Master your sexual energy and become multi orgasmic
• Learn to perceive, control and channel sexual energy
• Experience new levels of pleasure, intimacy and consciousness
ॐ Many practical exercises
ॐ Conscious Relating
ॐ Exploring sensual and conscious touch, consent and boundaries
ॐ Introduction to a Self-love and Self-esteem program

20th ~ 21st of October 2018

9:30 am ~ 19:00 pm

This 2day workshop will take place in a beautiful secluded venue in Berlin, in Germany. Please contact us for more details.

ॐ 2 full days of transformational immersion of Tantra and Rebirthing
ॐ Plenty of juicy exercises
ॐ Each day a deep transformational breathwork session in which you will learn to channel your sexual energy
ॐ 2 delicious vegetarian lunches

ॐ Early bird price until 27th of September € 260
ॐ Regular price / person € 295
ॐ Bring a partner and get a 20% discount of the regular price

Your place will be secured once we receive payment.
This workshop is limited to a maximum of 14 people, make sure you save your spot well in advance.
We will have equal number of men and women, all backgrounds, ages, couples and singles, experienced Tantrics and Breathworkers or new comers are welcomed.

There will be no nudity, however expect a nakedness of your heart and a deepening of intimacy with yourself and others.

This 2day workshop is led by Prema and Edward, who have been working with tantric breathwork for several years.
Their passion for Tantra as well as Rebirthing Breathwork and led them into a tremendously powerful immersion of this teachings, which they like to share in this workshop. Edward and Prema working since 4 years together on Koh Phangan, this journey has brought about a deep transformation to their own lives as well as to the people they were privileged to work with.

PREMA is certified Tantra Instructor, Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator and Kundalini Yoga practitioner. After many years of studying, practicing and being surrounded as well as initiated in the ancient secret traditions of Tantra, she guides hundreds of people through deep and profound healing processes. Prema brings her intuitive wisdom and deep understanding of yoga, tantra and energy anatomy into all she does. From 2013 to the present day, she lives mostly in Thailand and India, immersed into Sacred Tantric teachings and Yoga.
Her purpose is to be fully present and hold the sacred space to support people in recognizing their unique nature, to embrace all that is arising within, to not suppress or reject anything but to feel into and bring light to all. To say yes to life and acknowledge both the negative and the positive through life and their challenges, allowing them to transform and become truly authentic in loving what is.

EDWARD has been on a personal spiritual journey for 25 years. Spending time in India and later moved to Thailand in 2005, where he still lives much of the year.
He qualified in Rebirthing Breathwork, Hypnotherapy, Massage, and many other therapies.
Edward first experienced the powerful transformational process of Rebirthing Breathwork in 2012 and did a short training in Rebirthing then. Shortly after did the full facilitator training with Leonard Orr, the founder of Rebirthing. Edward started the first Rebirthing Group in Koh Phangan in September 2014, and now use Rebirthing in both personal and group sessions with amazing results.
Edward started following the Taoist sexual practices 20 years ago and was introduced to Tantra in 2011, he had a powerful transformtion from it, and then was blown away by the power of combining breathwork with Tantric practices.

DUISBURG: Tantra workshop 20th ~ 21st Oct
BERLIN: Breathwork Retreat 30th Oct ~ 4th Nov
CYPRUS: Breathwork Retreat 10th ~ 15th Nov

PM: Prema Julia or Ed Ward
E-mail: info@freedom-breath.com
Website: www.freedom-breath.com
Tel: +49 15772399304

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2242299159389814/

We are looking forward to meet you,
with much Love
Edward & Prema

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