MindThatEgo Meditation | 04.08. |

MindThatEgo Meditation | 04.08. |
“You aren’t the centre of the universe — you are the universe itself.”
The ego is like a chameleon, disguising itself as we grow and expand.
Without vigilance, spirituality can become an inauthentic practice which reinforces an ego identity. Our true nature is beyond language, concepts and the thinking mind. Yet we live in a world increasingly disconnected from heart, intuition, and
spiritual intelligence. Spiritual practices have become commodified and
distorted, and true awakening is rare.
In these talks, I will share insights on how to navigate the journey of spiritual growth. This is a balanced approach which makes space for the human and the divine, the messiness and the perfection, the psychological and the spiritual.
This isn’t about quick fixes, positive thinking, or ego-based vanity.
This is about humility, self-honesty, and moving past the barriers of the road to heightened awareness (with a healthy dose of self-compassion.)
Each talk will provide a grounded approach to advanced concepts of non-duality, the Self, and the nature of reality. This’ll be followed by a group meditation and the opportunity to ask questions.
Recommended donation €10. Talks will be in English.
@Ricky Derisz is the creator of MindThatEgo.com. He is the author of
Mindsets for Mindfulness and a teacher of meditation and the authentic path of spiritual awakening and non-duality.

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